How To Access Yahoo full Site Not Mobile

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Update! See how to view full websites 99.9 percent working view full websites on mobile devices with screenshots  this tutorial has screenshots. this is after you must have tried this.

How To Access Yahoo full Site Not Mobile

Yahoo has its own website that is specially designed for mobiles, which means when you visit Yahoo website especially Yahoo mail with your iPad, iPhone or Android device, the site automatically picks up the type of mobile you’re using and shows its optimized mobile version according to the screen of your smartphone. In a nutshell, this means viewing the Yahoo website on any mobile device will bring in that special “mobile design”. Although the mobile website can be the exact duplicate of the normal web version it’s still lacks many features, when compared to the desktop version.

So how can you force Yahoo, especially Yahoomail not to redirect to mobile on cell phones? There are two ways which can accomplish this, but first,t let’s see how the Yahoo’s mobile version work. Any time you use any mobile device be it a smartphone or a feature phone to visit the Yahoo website, a script written just for this purpose detects it and flag it as a mobile, this automatically re-directs you to their mobile site, consider it as a plane in auto-pilot, when it senses danger on its path it will go over to the safest path depending on the programmed priority. This script takes into account your device’s screen resolution and quality, then displays some features to match it, because of this the mobile site features may vary from device to device, a Symbian phone won’t have the same display like an iPhone, why? Because of the screen and the quality which all points to the quality of the browser.

So here is two easy ways to show the non-mobile version of the Yahoo website on any cell phone.

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In some phones, that Yahoo picked up, sensing a strong potential to accommodate the full site and its features while leaving navigation and user experience intact, (this is why there are always the mobile sites in the first place) a link will be made available to switch, there is always a button or link in the button/slider/upper part of the website, just find that link and click it. More of this is discussed here

Way 2. Do some tweaking

The other way is to do some URL settings. This was found on Ehow, I tested it and found out that it’s working on many mobile phones, although there are others which it can’t work on, you might as well try it.

1. Open your phone’s web browser e.g Ucweb, Operamini, Nokia browser etc.

2. Type this on the address bar without quote ” ” adding the suffix “m=1”

will aid when opening the Yahoo website, as it will instruct the script to ignore your device and open the normal site for computers.

The second way has proven to work on most major phones, but there are many it still can’t work on, in this case, the first way can be ideal for you to use. If for any reason non of those steps don’t work for you perhaps going general will do the magic, here is an article to help you go general how to view the full version of any website on mobile.

With that, your problems should be over.
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