How To Launch Steam Games On The Second Monitor

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A few years back, I upgraded my PC with Nvidia GTX 1080 graphic card and made it a triple screen monitor setup.

I have chosen a big giant screen for gaming purposes, an average 27 inches monitor for AutoCad and doing the usual kind of stuff, and one vertical monitor to surf Reddit.

Since I am the guy who earns a living through the internet, having a good pc setup is like an investment to me.

Apart from office work, I also use my PC to play games. I am a big fan of counter strike, and I loved to play it.

Many of you are already know that the counter strike game is exclusively available on stream.

Whenever I started the counter strike or any other stream game, it will open on my 1st monitor screen. But the problem is, my 1st monitor screen is small, and it does not support higher refresh rates.

I tried several settings to run the stream games on the second screen. And after few experiments, I got success. And after that, I need to change many things to run the game on the second screen correctly.

In this article, I’ll share the working methods to launch the stream games on the second screen.

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How To Launch Steam Games On The Second Monitor
How To Launch Steam Games On The Second Monitor

How To Launch Stream Games On The Second Screen

Method 1: By Using Windows Mode

There are some instances in which your GPU does not support the second screen. However, you can solve this problem by running the game in Windows mode.

These days, almost all games support full-screen mode, window mode, So, you can easily switch your game on the second screen by opening it on the window mode.

To enable the Window Mode, Press Alt+Enter keys.

After that, your game will open in Window mode, and now you can easily drag and drop on the second screen and enable the full screen again.

Make sure to customize the game settings according to your second monitor to get the best graphics while playing the games.

Method 2: Switch Between Primary & Secondary Monitor

The next method is quite simple.

If you have a monitor of better quality and suits best for gaming purposes, I recommend you make it a primary monitor.

You can read out our guide on Setting up a dual monitor to change the primary monitor and secondary monitors.

But before doing this, make sure that your secondary monitor is powered on and connected with HDMI / DisplayPort or VGA cable.

After that, the option to choose the primary and the secondary display appears. If the choice is not showing, click on the “Detect” button to start the troubleshooting.

Method 3: Duplicate Screen / Second Screen Only.

If you want to play the game and turn off all the secondary screens, this is the best way to do that.

Connect your second screen to your PC and choose “Second Screen Only.

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It will turn off your primary display and start showing all the tabs and applications to the second screen only.

Now, You can play your stream games on the second screen without any issues.

How To Launch Steam Games On The Second Monitor
How To Launch Steam Games On The Second Monitor

Enjoy 🙂


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